Episode 11: Al Flores Breaks the Internet… in 1999

Thursday, November 5th 2020 | 01:08:10

Remember when we actually said "world wide web?" Remember netscape? Remember the dot-com bubble? Remember Y2K?

Remember when a car dealership company said it had the cure for AIDS and sold stocks for $9 through early internet message boards until someone from the FTC commented "hey, this isn't real?"


On this weeks episode of Fraudsters we bring you Alfred Flores and Uniprime – a con on a .com two decades ago.

Special thanks to John Reed Stark, cyber-cop extraordinaire, for a wonderful and nostalgic interview.

Special thanks to Kai Elwood-Dieu for his wizardry on the website for this episode (http://uniprimeinc.com/).

Special thanks to Joshua Sutherland for composing music for this episode.

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