Episode 12: Fraud Reich Part I – Hitler Fan Fiction (that everyone believed)

Thursday, November 12th 2020 | 00:55:27

Dear Diary,

Many historically significant figures generate lore. Some say Shakespeare had a ghostwriter. Some say Nikola Tesla designed blueprints for a "death ray" before his passing. Some say Thomas Jefferson drank breast milk!

Few theories, however, are as wild and as widely entertained as the Hitler Diaries were.

On the 12th episode of Fraudsters Season 1, we talk where the myth began and how it snowballed into 62 forged Hitler diaries lauded as true by some of the foremost historians and news outlets in Europe.

So excited to share this episode with all the Spotifites out there.


Seena, Justin, Hazel, and Marie

PS: I made up the breast milk myth

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