Episode 2: The Psychic Readers Network Part II - Great Fraud, Bad Psychics, Rich Dudes

Thursday, September 3rd 2020 | 01:03:53
In this second part of the Psychic Readers Network series we go deep into how the Federal Trade Commission addressed these phone frauds with an expert guest who joins the show to detail PRN’s false advertising and abusive marketing practices. We also invited a retired phone actor who wanted to be a phone psychic as a summer job in 2001. He actually wrote an article for the New York Times about it. He shares everything about the wonderful work environment and why it’s almost like being a cheap therapist. Why did people call in? What is behind the power of attraction behind charming characters like Miss Cleo? Listen and find out, we promise we won’t charge you a single penny (for the first three minutes).
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Show Contributors
  • Seena Ghaznavi
  • Justin Williams