Episode 3: The Psychic Readers Network Part III - Three White Guys and a Pizza Place

Thursday, September 10th 2020 | 00:52:16
This is the third and final part of the infamous Miss Cleo's case and to do that with a flourish, J. Michael Skiba, AKA. Dr. Fraud (trademark) tells us that 70% of the population is prone to being dishonest -but there are levels- and, spoiler alert, 30% of them are shitty persons; nice data, right? Find out with us if Miss Cleo is innocent and knows the real scammers out there. Also, Miami Vice, yes! the famous 80's series, is featured in this episode and it is clear to us that a fraudster will always be a fraudster.
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  • Seena Ghaznavi
  • Justin Williams