Episode 37: Rick Singer Part II - FOMO & Fictional Students

Tuesday, February 8th 2022 | 01:03:29

Rick Singer finally starts selling that one thing that makes every parent vulnerable: their children's future. In this episode, we see how he reaches the peak. Finally, he is the winner of all hustlers and liars! Melissa and Jennifer are back to give us some insights on the techniques and the mechanism of Singer’s scam. How did it work? Also, we learn about his two companies and the key role they played for the scam to work, and finally, we get to see how it all blew up. Tune in and find out why Rick Singer is the greatest rat of all time!


(02:03) - Our grooming fraudster decided it was time to make his move helping kids into the school of their dreams and published a book called “Getting in.” So kind of him! 

(10:56) - Launching the college counselor - A tight group of wealthy white elite people hires him in the early 90s. Also, Melissa and Jennifer share with us how he did business.

(16:07) - The art of resume embellishment - Bold-faced lies and business growing. (FOMO, a hell of a drug and Singer’s business fuel!)

(22:36) - A change of luck! His time working for call centers, India, and coming back to tell more lies than ever before!

(33:36) - The Master Coach and his two companies: Edge College and Career Network, LLC, and The Key Worldwide foundation. A complete shit show! 

(37:29) - We listen to an actual conversation from Rick Singer getting hired. Also, Melissa and Jennifer give us a little more insight into the scam itself. 

(44:34) - Bribes and Cambodia - The Key Worldwide Foundation as an exempt organization under 501C3. What does that mean? How did Singer make it work?

(56:37) - Melissa and Jennifer tell us how it all blew up: Rick Singer is a rat and he is the greatest rat of all time!


The Key Worldwide Overview

Unacceptable: Privilege, Deceit & the Making of College Admissions Scandal by Melissa Korn, Jennifer Levitz

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