Episode 38: Rick Singer Part III - Fraudsters Roulette "Varsity Blues Edition"

Tuesday, February 15th 2022 | 01:17:44

It’s our final episode on the College Admission Scandal where Rick Singer is the Michael Jordan of snitching! In this episode, we are having a little fun introducing the Fraudsters Roulette! There are around 40 parents to choose from and we are telling you, we are airing all their dirty laundry! Who are they? What did they do? Are they facing any sentences? And finally, we talk with Melissa and Jennifer about who the real victims of this fraud are. Don’t go anywhere because this final episode it’s gonna get hot and scammy.


(02:02) - If Rick Singer falls everyone falls with him! He has to win right? How Morrie Tobin flipped on Rick Singer and everything went down. 

(13:48) - Introducing the Fraudster’s Roulette for the Varsity Blues Scandal! We’ve got around 40 parents to choose from! The first one is Robert Flaxman.

(18:54) - Our next lucky fraudsters of the day are: Gordon Ernst, Peter Jan Sartorio, and Robert Zangrillo!

(31:33) - Red 18 is no other than Michelle Janavs! She is the heiress of the Hot Pockets empire and we’ll tell you, she would do anything for her kids. 

(35:46) - The complete absurdity of this case, how people threw their money away just for status ($50 million or not, the kid isn’t going to class anyway), and how this is a Nuveau Rich thing. 

(41:14) - Continuing with our Fraudster’s Roulette we talk about Jane Buckingham, just take that name in and imagine her…well it’s worst, it’s the complete dark side of this case.

(50:23) - The final fraudsters from the Fraudster’s Roulette are…the Abbotts anddd Doug Hodge!

(1:07:09) - Who were the real victims of this whole fraud? The real-life athlete kids whose photos were stolen and the intended beneficiaries. 


Hot Pockets commercial

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Greg Abbott’s book

I Wish I’d Never Met Rick Singer by Doug Hodge

Unacceptable: Privilege, Deceit & the Making of College Admissions Scandal by Melissa Korn, Jennifer Levitz

Jennifer Levitz on Twitter

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