Episode 40: Anna Sorokin Update – Talking to a Real Journalist about the Fake Heiress and “Inventing Anna”

Tuesday, March 1st 2022 | 01:08:18

We are going back to season one a little bit and talking about one of our favorite fraudsters, Anna Sorokin! Who is Anna now? Also, our favorite New York Times reporter and our favorite reporter for the Anna Delvey story is back! We take a closer look at Shonda Rhimes’ dramatization of events: Inventing Anna, and the different efforts of media outlets to answer who Anna is. Has she changed? What is next for her? What has she been up to? It seems we’re still  very interested in her and have soo many questions! Join us and satisfy your Anna Delvey intrigue with us!


(02:00) - Let’s talk about one of our favorite fraudsters Ana Sorokin aka Anna Delvey and go through some of the key moments from last season's episodes we did about her case. 

(07:34) - Who is Anna? The 60 minutes sit-down interview with Anna, her Instagram, and Shonda Rhymes’ dramatization of events, “Inventing Anna.”

(13:45) - Emily Palmer is back! The journalist who covered Anna’s trial joins us one more time to talk about what Anna Delvey is like now. 

(22:23) - Inventing Anna - The 9-hour-long dramatization of Anna’s case. How accurate was the show? Was it a fair portrayal of Anna?

(36:46) - Is she remorseful? Reinventing Anna, the changes Emily has been able to see about this fraudster and Anna saying “I’m not a good person.”

(42:14) - What is she getting out of all this fanfare? Also, we take a look at the things we missed! And, what do Anna’s case and mediatic spotlight say about society?

(55:51) - What is next for Anna in the upcoming months? What is next for Emily? What was Emily’s favorite part of the show?


Inventing Anna, the official trailer

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Emily Palmer on Instagram

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