Episode 41: Anna Sorokin Update – Talking to Arian Moayed about "Inventing Anna," "Succession," Waterwell and More

Tuesday, March 8th 2022 | 00:58:08

We can’t get enough of Anna! In this episode, we continue our exploration of Anna Sorokin’s case and the show “Inventing Anna”. We had the opportunity to interview actor, writer, and director Arian Moayed. Arian shares with us a little bit of his story, his amazing project Waterwell and his experience playing Anna Delvey’s lawyer, Todd Spodek, in this Shondaland hit. We’re really grateful for the opportunity to meet and talk with such a great guy like Arian (Of Stewy fame from Succession!). Why does he play such shitty people? How is it to be on a Shonda Rhimes set? What is his perception of Anna Delvey’s case? Tune in and find out!


(01:33) - You’ve seen him in “Succession”, “Spider-man: No Way Home” and “Inventing Anna.” Ladies and gentlemen Arian Moayed!

(10:48) - Arian talks to us about his amazing company Waterwell, an art and education civic-minded company. 

(19:08) - Ok now let’s get to the good part! - Arian shares with us his experience playing the role of Anna’s lawyer, Todd Spodek.

(23:16) - Meeting the real Todd on the most crucial day of filming for Arian, the Brooklyn accent, and being in a Shonda Rhimes set. 

(32:15) - What is it about these types of stories that make us so attracted to them? Thinking Anna is not a victim? Or is she? Arian shares his thoughts on this.

(39:27) - Rachel, the Queen of Missteps - The way the media is portraying Anna’s defrauded best friend.

(44:02) - Succession - Being such a lovely man, how does Arian play such shitty people? Also, has Arian been a victim of fraud?


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Inventing Anna, breakdown jail scene (1x8)

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