Episode 42: Nicole Daedone and OneTaste Part I – The Seductive Power of a Guaranteed Orgasm

Tuesday, March 22nd 2022 | 00:47:53

This episode is all about sex, orgasms, and pleasure! Did that get your attention? Well, this is the way One Taste would get the attention of their victims. It is our first wellness fraud and to help us navigate its turbulent waters we invited Dr. Jordan Soper a certified sex therapist to speak with us. What is One Taste? What is Orgasmic Meditation or OM? Witsho is Nicole Daedone and where did she get the inspiration for One Taste? In this episode, we see how the promise of pleasure can turn into a real nightmare where slavery, control, and harassment rule. Put your audio seat belt on because it’s about to get nasty!


(02:16) - It’s our first wellness fraud! The company: One Taste. The fraud: Orgasmic Meditation or OM. The core: a classical financial scheme. But first, what is OM?

(07:24) - To help us navigate the turbulent waters of One Taste’s case, we invited Dr. Jordan Soper, a certified sex therapist.

(09:26) - What is the pleasure gap? How the orgasm receives more attention rather than pleasure.

(11:39) - Nicole Daedone, founder and CEO of One Taste, has a Ted Talk about the female orgasm. Let’s hear what she has to say about it and learn a little bit about her past.

(24:46) - What makes an orgasm good? Thinking about orgasms from the clinical standpoint there are so many mechanisms involved. We need details guys, not generalizations!

(27:50) - Learning from Victor Baranco - Founder of the Lafayette Morehouse, sex communes, and the model that Daedone later used for One Taste.

(33:25) - Slavery, control, and hiding under “educational purposes” - The really creepy stuff that was going on at Lafayette Morehouse.

(43:34) - Baranco’s target: young, naive, and new to the world. Also, other disgusting tales from the Lafayette Morehouse. 


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