Episode 43: Nicole Daedone and OneTaste Part II – the Rise, (Climax), and Fall

Tuesday, March 29th 2022 | 01:10:21

It’s part two and we are taking a hard look at the orgasm… again! Dr. Jordan is back and we go through all the wildly offensive details on Nicole Daedone and One Taste. We won’t lie, things get a little dark here: sexual assaults, coercion sexual control, trauma, financial debts, and other horrors sponsored by One Taste. How did One Taste work? Where did the money come from? Why would people engage in it? Tune in to listen to the perfect intersection between scams and orgasmic meditations. It is all about power! 


(2:04) - Dr. Jordan is back with us to help us finish with the One Taste’s Case and talk about the PhD in Sensuality or Lifestyles offered by Moore University.

(15:44) - Meeting Reese Jones, the tech millionaire that was funding One Taste and all about Orgasmic Meditation.

(19:54) - $499 for a weekend course! $12,000 for a coaching course! A $60,000 exclusive membership! Spoiler alert: this is where it gets really gross.

(23:17) - Pussy noses, t-shirt slogans, and asking how’s your orgasm? - The sickening and coercive sales tactics used by One Taste.

(29:57) - At this point, Scientology feels a little PG compared to these people! The violence and adding centers where vulnerable people show up and feel like they have a shelter.  

(35:52) - The perpetrator's profile: Likely people who have a history of engagement in prior violence or prior perpetrated behaviors and have been praised for it. 

(41:47) - The victims: Feeling ashamed, having power issues, PTSD, physiological trauma, debts and so many things that victims have to go through thanks to One Taste’s slavery system.  

(46:57) - The Fall: Bloomberg’s article, Daedone stepping down as CEO, believing her own lies, the FBI opening an investigation and closing all of One Taste’s offices. 

(54:07) - Groom your bush and play with your wood - The Land, or what might be the 2.0 version of One Taste. Will they ever stop?

(58:48) - Why Daedone’s work is not new - Dr. Jordan shares with us some final thoughts about One Taste and how it is a cult. 


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The Darkside of One Taste, the Orgasmic Meditation Company an article by Bloomberg

OneTaste CEO Steps Down After Claims That Company Engaged in Predatory Behavior an article by Bloomberg

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