Episode 45: BitConnect Part II – The World's Worst Club Promoters

Tuesday, April 12th 2022 | 00:55:21

This is part two of BiiitConneeeeeeect! The WORLD is a Ponzi Scheme, not BitConnect… at least according to their promoters. In this episode, we will meet Glenn Arcano, one of the top promoters, his techniques for capturing people, and the terrible fate that awaits him. There is also the not-so-smart promoter Trevon James who didn’t have the best timing for joining BitConnect. And finally, we will know what happened to Carlos Mato. What is he up to now?


(03:08) - Previously on the BitConnect fraud: Satish Kumbanhi and his three frauds. The lending program, the Ponzi scheme (Ponzi would be so proud!), and the multi-level marketing scam.

(07:54) - Glenn Arcaro one of the top promoters for BitConnect: How he would capture people and the evasive answers he would give when asked about the owner of BitConnect. 

(24:17) - The Cryptocurrency Certification Course by Glenn Arcano, where he taught how to invest in the lending program. Twenty thousand people took the course. TWENTY THOUSAND!!!

(28:45) - “We are living in a Ponzi scheme” - Arcano’s opinion on what is a Ponzi scheme and defending BitConnect with the “everything is a scam” argument. 

(36:26) - 20 years in prison, $250,000 in fines, and four levies against him, among other bitter things that Arcano has to face. 

(39:16) - Trevon Brown, the “Doper” that got into BitConnect by “taking action.” But he took action at BitConnect’s downfall. 

(42:46) . Why isn’t Brown facing the same charges as Arcano? Also, we see him use the “everything is a scheme” argument too.

(51:42) - What happened to Carlos? What has he been up to? Some people just don’t learn. 


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