Episode 46: Seena's NFT Rug Pull - A Warning to all Apes

Tuesday, April 19th 2022 | 01:15:37

If someone you love has gotten into NFTs, this is the Fraudsters episode for you.  Seena shares his story of investing in an NFT and getting his money stolen. Yes there's a chance he may get his money back, but it could also NOT happen too! 

NFTs and crypto are a haven for fraudsters, while the underlying software may seem harmless and even altruistic in nature, the scammers use it to take advantage of millions. The entire crypto space is filled with scammers, and while there are rays of hope that the swamp will be drained... it may take a while because for crypto the swamp is as big as the seven seas. 

Special thanks to Mike_Cryptobull of Fight Back Apes, and John Kraski, and Justin Shenkarow of the NFT Heat podcast for sharing their expertise on this episode. 

And huge thanks to Last Podcast Network's own Jackie Zebrowski for doing the lords work.


(0:45) - This is an intervention - There is an unexpected guest at Fraudsters because sommmeoneee is buying too many NFTs.

(4:52) - What are NFTs? Justin Schenkarow and John Kraski, founders of NFT Thought Leaders, tell us all the “sexy things” these assets have to offer. 

(16:20) - We spoke to @MikeCryptobull about falling into the cryptocurrency rabbit hole. Also, Mike and Seena tell us how they got to know Evolved Apes. 

(25:45) - What is minting? What is a secondary market? Why did Seena and Mike give money to Evil Ape and the Master?

(34:38) - Buying apes and the crocodiles coming to drain the swamp - How Seena and Mike got scammed and how things started to fall down. 

(38:34) - @MikeCryptobull the detective! - Finding out it was a rug pull and the disappearance of $3.3 million.

(44:20) - What can we do? Bringing a little bit of value back to the defrauded community and relaunching the whole thing. 

(38:16) - The Fight Back Apes! A 100 volunteers get together to build a new project. Also, Mike tells us about Fight Back Apes partnership with Daz3D, and becoming a real company. 

(59:53) - How can you find the Fight Back Apes? Can you join the community? Wanna get involved?

(1:04:30) - So, Seena is investing more money into the same place that just took his money. Oh, and this is where it gets a little weird. What is a gas fee? 

(1:06:40) - Learning about the experience - people that got into the Evolved Apes rug pull share their stories. Also, it seems we will not get Seena back from the cryptocurrency rabbit hole. 


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