Episode 48: Race Hustlers Part II – Steven Seagal is Not Alright

Tuesday, May 3rd 2022 | 00:50:45

It’s the second part of our most quintessential race hustler, Steve Seagal. We start right where we left off: the 90s! Steven Seagal can do no wrong, all his movies are hits! In this episode, we see him as a director (we know, crazy!), a catastrophic SNL host, and singer. We’re reluctant to say it, but he might actually be good at the guitar. But this show is not about talent, it’s about race hustlers! So, what cultures will he appropriate this time? Tune in and find out!


(02:24) - It’s the 90s and Steven Seagal is doing incredibly well though getting repeatedly lambasted by journalists and hated by critics.

(06:14) - Steven Seagal’s directorial *vomit* debut on Deadly Ground, with a humble budget of $50 million and leaning heavily on native (native according to Hollywood of course…)

(16:11) - The SNL fiasco hosting experience and the true confessions from the SNL cast about having Steven Seagal on the show. 

(26:49) - Swords aren’t his only passion: In 2004, Seagal launches his debut album “Songs from the Crystal Cave.” Oh, and he is Jamaican now…

(36:22) - “Ain’t no black and ain’t no white” - The colorblind blues from his second album and changing ethnicity agaiiin in 2006. 

(38:57) - Bobby Ferrazza tells us something that we might not like buuut it seems Steven Seagal might be a little talented after all.

(44:21) - And he does it again! But this time he links his identity to an African-American one. Quite the cultural vulture!


Deadly Ground Trailer

SNL Show Seagal

The Glimmer Man Trailer

Steven Seagal’s first album Songs from the Crystal Cave.

Seagal on Arsenio Hall Show for Mark of death

Bobby Ferrazza Oberlin College and Conservatory website

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