Episode 47: Race Hustlers Part I – Steven Seagal's Rise to Super-Stardom

Tuesday, April 26th 2022 | 02:05:34

We're kicking off this Race Hustlers series with the King of Appropriate, the Master of Elbow Breaks, and the Sultan of Lies - Steven Seagal! Tune in to find out who Seagal was before stardom, how he got to Hollywood, and the beginning of the end. Also, this episode’s guest is Rob from McDojoLife who explains to us the art of Aikido. This is the definitive Fraudsters breakdown of one of the world’s most recognizable action movie stars… who is completely full of it.


(02:56) - It’s all kicks, punches, and breaking of arms! Introducing to our race hustler series… Steven Seagal! Best known for his character Nico Toscani! 

(10:10) - Steven Seagal’s great odyssey to Japan, his path to learning martial arts, and other cinematic and unrealistic articles about him and his heroic actions. 

(22:20) - Above the Law and above the critics: The film turns out to be a box office smash hit in 1988. Also, Seagal to be the next great action superstar and launching his production company in 1990.

(28:18) - The way Steven Seagal took method acting to a whole new level making him the Thanos of identities…

(33:04) - Let’s start with the basics: the photo of a young Steven Seagal and his ambiguous looks. Going to Japan… at what year you ask? Well, it depended on the interview he is in now. 

(38:27) - Back in the ’90s Seagal was interviewed by David Letterman. Listen as the host tries to do everything he possibly can to get his Neanderthal guest to say anything compelling!

(53:28) - “He once chased away a few drunks from the dojo. He was never involved with the Yakuza” - Meet Miyako Fujitani, Steven Seagal’s first wife. 

(1:03:33) - The big martial arts fraud - Rob from the YouTube channel McDojo life shares with us why Steven Seagal is a giant garbage piece of a human being. 

(1:08:52) - Aikido according to Seagal vs. what it actually means - Rob explains how this is a peaceful art that kind of simulates sword attacks but it is not badass stuff. 

(1:26:06) - The really scary stuff about Steven Seagal - Sexual abuse and using his fame as a martial artist to take advantage of people.

(1:31:03) - Acupuncture, the way Steven Seagal met his third wife, how doing this type of eastern healing he would use to sexually assault actresses, and a little more about this shithead’s character.

(1:39:11) - Steven Seagal, a manufactured, CIA agent, “slightly autistic” (his words)    human being, and martial arts master to every powerful person you can think of gets exposed by journalist Alan Richman.

(1:48:52) - Journalist John Conolly breaks down every part of Seagal’s story in his article Man of honor. 


Above the Law trailer

Shadowman movie trailer

The Late Show with David Letterman, Steven Seagal’s interview.

Steven Seagal Videogame

Steven Seagal on Arsenio Hall 1990.

Sean Connery on Steven Seagal breaking his wrist

Why did Steven Seagal punch John Leguizamo

Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock on Arsenio Hall Show.

Steven Seagal on Larry King.

Spy magazine July-August 1993 issue.

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