Episode 49: Race Hustlers Part III - Officer Seagal: Arrested Development

Tuesday, May 10th 2022 | 01:03:04

It’s our last episode about Steven Seagal, and honestly, we’re thrilled to be finally done with it! We don’t want to hear to another of his albums or watch one of his movies. It’s been three episodes on him when it was supposed to be one! Why? Well isn’t it clear? Tune in, because in this episode we listen to the exquisite lyrics from his second album and look back on his straight-to-DVD movies. Of course, Seagal is an equal opportunity cultural appropriator and we’ll see him as a Deputy Sheriff, Russian comrade, and Buddhist God.


(04:11) - It's the 2000s, and Seagal is having a bit of a midlife crisis. Why is that? Could it be that his movies are stuck to one narrative? The racist jokes? Police brutality? Hmmm…

(07:56) - Urban Justice, a 2007 straight-to-DVD movie and Lightning Bolt an “Asian experience energy drink.” Imagine! Seagal packed across Asia in search of the drink ingredients! 

(13:04) - “She that pretty,” “talk to my ass,” “an alligator ass,” “the preacher stole my Cadillac” and some other exquisite lyrics that can be found on Steven Seagal’s second album: Mojo Priest. 

(16:25) - The name is Steven Seagal, that’s right, Steven Seagal Deputy Sheriff. He’s a cop! He.is.a.cop. 

(25:01) - “You gotta push the bullet to the target,” Rob from McDojoLife is back to talk about his favorite Steven Seagal bullshit teaching moment in The Lawman.

(32:11) - The Buddhist God - Hazel had the chance to reach out to some folks who worked on The Lawman and ask how was their experience with Seagal. 

(38:55) - The Lawman was a success with 3.4 million viewers, the most ever for a premiere episode of any series on A&E up until that point. People fucking loved it. So, what went wrong?

(41:48) - Lawman’s resurrection on the cable network Reelz and working with “the worst Sheriff in America.”

(51:51) - “Zen master Steven Seagal to become the brand ambassador for Bitcoin to Jetmaster Zen mess” - Seagal promoting Bitcoin B2G and settling charges with the SEC.

(54:40) - Steven Seagal, Governor of Siberia - Having Russian citizenship and the unfair U.S. propaganda about Russia. 


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