Episode 51: Race Hustlers Part V – Shaun King's Thin Mustache and Thinner Defense

Tuesday, May 24th 2022 | 00:47:28

In this Race Hustler series fifth episode we talk about everything that went wrong with Shaun King’s Justice Together donation management, delving on the former members’ open letters that revealed he tried to centralize donor support and accused every person who didn’t agree with him to be a white supremacist or a troll. Did he take accountability? How did he react? The answer is just absurd.


(4:20) - Picking up from where we left off: When Shaun King fundraised in the name of Tamir Rice without informing his family.

(8:28) - Can someone please think about Wal-Mart? Discussing the Justice Together controversy and the need for rioting to get true law reform.

(15:41) - JT30 open letter: The mission to ‘end police brutality in America’ and Shaun King’s lack of leadership.

(23:56) - ‘Fool me once…’: Everything that went wrong with Shaun King’s donation management.

(34:45) - shaunkingtruth.com (yes, this actually happened): How Shaun King reacted to the wave of accusations and open letters against him.

(42:33) - The problem with Shaun King being the most visible fundraiser of the BLM movement (+ a tease for the upcoming episode).


-Tamir Rice's Mother Blasts Shaun King for Fundraising Off Son's Death: 'You Are an Imposter' (read)

-An Open Letter From Former Directors of Justice Together (read)

-Shaun King Threatens to Sue Activists Who Accused Him on Twitter of Mishandling Fundraisers (read)

Show Contributors
  • Seena Ghaznavi
  • Justin Williams