Episode 52: Race Hustlers Part VI – #SitDownShaun

Tuesday, May 31st 2022 | 01:02:09

Sit down Shaun! In this episode, we continue talking about the “progressive” fraudster: Shaun King. Hidden behind an altruistic facade on social media, Shaun King manages to scam millions through ‘fundraising’ and ‘charitable causes’. Not only has he taken advantage of social movements but also cyberbullied people that questioned his actions. Journalist Ernest Owens tells us how King targeted him and several other colleagues. Join us as we try to find out what is the truth behind Shaun King, how he has become so powerful and how we can prevent this type of scam.


(3:53) - Who’s behind Shaun King’s Social Media? A woman, who accidentally ended up working for King, shares with us all the juicy little details about his scamming empire.

(8:13) - #ShaunKingLetMeDown - The disappointment and sadness of his supporters, and the launching of his “full news website” The North Star.

(22:49) - If there is one thing that Shaun King is famous for is being a cyberbully and falsely accusing people of horrible crimes. 

(26:29) - Clarissa Brooks questions King and gets attacked by his army of internet fans. Also, Ernest Owens shares with us his experience as one of King’s targets.

(36:14) - #SitDownShaun - A bunch of leaders from various movements, journalists, and former members of justice together write an open letter to Shaun King telling him to stop.

(39:14) - Shaun King CREATES his financial review board made up of his friends to overlook all of his finances from August 2014 to 2019. 

(44:49) - The “great” fundraiser - Claiming credit for things he didn’t do and money he didn’t raise. 

(50:10) - Our favorite recent Sean King scams: Asking for a donation so he could move houses, asking people to send money to his wife to “alleviate some pressure,” using Chadwick Boseman’s death to promote his book and starting his own fashion line.


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