Episode 54: Wayne LaPierre Part I - The Long Con of the Second Amendment

Tuesday, June 14th 2022 | 00:53:08

It’s the season finale series and we cannot get enough of Wayne LaPierre and the NRA! But first, let’s talk about the Second Amendment. What was its original intent? How did it get weaponized? We go through some of its backstory to understand where it all comes from, specifically how slavery was actually the real motivation behind the drafting of the Second Amendment. Also, we talk about militias. Who were these guys in the militias? Were they all Rambos? Why did they play a key role in the creation of the Second Amendment? Join us as we uncover the original fraud of the Second Amendment. 


(1:39) - For our season finale we decided to for the Second Amendment’s case. How did it get weaponized? What was its original intent? Why has the Supreme Court’s interpretation of it shifted over time?

(5:43) - The founding fathers were not fearless, they were fearful and so are current politicians! - How fear has acted as the great mover when an economic or social change is in sight.

(9:44) - The north wants to abolish slavery, the south refuses this and slaves are rebelling. Heads are about to get chopped!

(17:28) - Who participated in the militias? Well, just a collection of ordinary guys. Not soldiers, not marines but Yosemite Sam and Larry the cable guy.

(22:16) - Welcome to the Richmond Conventions! On this side… the Federalists! On the other… the anti-federalists! A unique duel on what to do about the oh-so-powerful militias!

(38:41) - It’s a wrap! The Constitution gets ratified and the anti-federalists lose. So, why did James Madison even bother doing the bill of rights?

(49:17) - The truth about the Second Amendment…there is no right to bear arms in it! But it doesn’t fucking matter because the Supreme Court has voted that’s its meaning. 


Bless Elie Mystal and his recent book "Allow Me to Retort" which was the inspiration behind this episode. 

Carl Bogus, "The Hidden History Behind the Second Amendment"

Paul Finkelman, "A Well Regulated Militia"

New York City draft riots (visit article)

Carl T. Bogus website

Carl T. Bogus on Twitter

Carl T. Bogus on LinkedIn


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