Episode 70: Diamonds are for Fraudsters Part III - Put a Ring On It

Tuesday, January 17th 2023 | 00:48:51

Have you put a ring on it, yet? We wrap up our series on the Diamond Industry cartel talkin about peacocks! More like Zahavi's Handicap principle (which is basically about peacocks) helps humans (men) send signals (DIAMONDS) to con women into trusting it as a symbol of love. Plus get ready to rumble with Colonel Debeers, listen to an Oppenheimer side step pesky questions about fair trade, Elizabeth Taylor's friends wear diamonds while raising money, and remember that classic '90s Debeers commercial? We do! The '90s was a weird time so tell her you'd marry her all over again and listen now!

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"Stoned: Jewelery, Obsession, and How Desire Shapes the World" by Aja Raden







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