Episode 71: Fake Abortion Centers: Where You Can Order a Latte with Your Pap Smear

Tuesday, January 24th 2023 | 00:58:31

We continue our series on Fake Abortion Centers - not clinics! - who fraudulently represent as medical health care services to pregnant women. How do these fraudsters get away with it? We interview two people who help us get answers and explain these centers’ mind-melting con tactics. First we speak to the author of the Reproductive Care Act, current San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu. He explains how the bill went from providing women factual information to the Supreme Court ruling in favor of (misleading) free speech. Then we talk to Ashley Underwood the Director of Equity Forward whose activism and research reveals who's behind these multi-million dollar state funded centers. Finally, Ariel and Seena comment on a few fraud centers’ TikTok clips. Good luck ordering your latte with a pap smear because this “coffee shop” has none. Listen now!

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