Episode 79: George Santos Part I - The Wander Years

Tuesday, June 13th 2023 | 01:04:50

Welcome to Season 4! From outrageous lies to check fraud and even a stint as a drag queen, we delve into the jaw-dropping tales of this larger-than-life Congressman who's done more with the delete key than anyone in history: George Santos. This rollercoaster begins with George of the Bungle's origin story starting in Queens NY, to a sudden move to Brazil and then back again to begin a string of evictions and schemes for money. In between are the epic lies. From changing his name multiple times to being Jew-ish and fabricating stories about his education and his mother's tragic death in 9/11...or from 9/11? The deceit knows no bounds and it’s only the beginning. Strap in and get ready for a wild journey through the lies, frauds, and unexpected twists in the early life of Congressman George Santos. Don't hit delete! Listen now to Part One: The Wander Years!

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