Episode 81: George Santos Part III - Chaos Chronicles

Tuesday, June 27th 2023 | 01:09:20

George Santos has no shame and he will not be stopped. After diving into his origin story and legal crimes we finish this wild ride with his moral crimes. Which crime is worse? Posing as a puppy charity and stealing money from both veterans and Amish people?! But the Amish make such nice furniture! Then he skims ATMs. Is this another dark art taught by Mom? It doesn’t end there as Seena, Justin, and Ariel run down the list of other Georgie Truths from suspicious muggings, alleged employees gunned down at Orlando’s Pulse club, and dubious campaign loans. We wash it all down with clips from George’s public access show “Talking GOP”. By the end of this episode, will you still be part of the The George Santos Fan Club? It ain’t Mar-A-Lago but there’s an all-you-can-eat scam buffet. Listen now!

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  • Justin Williams
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