Fraudwire: ChatGPT, Tiktok, Cash App & Interview with a Victim of a Hollywood Ponzi Scheme

Friday, March 31st 2023 | 00:47:50

Welcome to Fraudwire! Before Fraudsters Season 4 begins your hosts Seena, Justin, and Ariel broadcast via Twitch every other Monday riffing on recent fraudsters in the news. On this episode we welcome special guest Henry Zebrowski to talk about ChatGPT, Tiktok, and how Jack Dorsey's multi-billion dollar Cash App is systematically taking advantage of the people it claims to help. But Jack loves it when rappers reference it in their songs plus it IS super convenient for all your drug and prostitution needs. Win win, right? Later we have special guest Paul Martino on to talk about being a victim of a nearly $70 million Hollywood ponzi scheme. Find out how he brought the two Producers to justice with a little help from the FBI! Who knew Hollywood could be so scammy? Listen now because ChatGPT won't do it for you!

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