Fraudwire: E-Growers Carried Interest for Your Fake Book Deal and Nick is an Uncle

Friday, August 19th 2022 | 01:01:53

Our latest Fraudwire before the end of summer break at LPN. This week we cover - a hybrid cannabis and crypto scam where people could "invest" in different grows of their favorite weed strains. There is a special place in hell for those that defraud around the sweet sinsemilla.


And have you ever heard of the Carried Interest loophole? It's one of those things you hear in the news, but wtf is it all about? We do a quick dive into that and who is holding up congress for it.


In phishing news, we found out that scammers have been impersonating HarperCollins editors and offering people book deals? WHY? WHY? So boring - but we'll tell you all about it on the show.   

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  • Seena Ghaznavi
  • Justin Williams