Fraudwire: Good Morning Donda, Kim’s Crypto, Celebs Tax Fraud, Chess Cheaters and Morgan Good Fraud LLC

Friday, October 7th 2022 | 00:48:00

Welcome to our last Fraudwire before Season 3! This week Justin was on vacation, but we were able to invite Ariel Leaty back and Charles McBee. We had to bring up Ye again, because we couldn’t avoid talking about that mud-way Tecmo Bowl Balenciaga video? And staying within the family Kim Kardashian got fined by the SEC for pumping a crypto, and guess what, when the fine got announced, the crypto spiked! The irony of crypto markets continue…

Then we run through a list of celebs who have got in trouble for tax evasion or tax fraud. Do you have a problem with tax fraud? Who’s the victim? Does it hit the same way as your granny gettin scammed? Also, there’s a stark difference between how black celebs are treated for tax crimes vs white celebs.

And in the “this is too esoteric but the tea if delicious” news… chess phenom Hans Niemann has been kicked out chess competitions because champion Magnus Carlsen doesn’t trust him! Now they have metal detectors at chess tournaments… not for guns or bombs… but cheating devices. What has the world come to.

We’ve got those stories and our guests share their scam stories on the latest Fraudwire!

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