Fraudwire: Seagal Reps Russia in Ukraine and Lions, Tornados, and Pink Sauce OH MY!

Friday, August 12th 2022 | 01:02:47

Breaking news from the #fraudwire discord - Steven Seagal is in east Ukraine repping the Russians and throwing shade on everyone but the fascists. We also cover a Trump-supporting clothing brand that was ripping tags off their clothing to restamp them as Made in America, and as always a bit from cryptoland - Tornado Cash is a mixer that was laundering money for North Korean hackers... WE ARE SHOCKED. And finally - we are ashamed we missed this story earlier, but we have a full update on PINK SAUCE... how it started as a meme, how it became a gross FDA violating side hustle, and how it's now gone.... legit. 

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  • Seena Ghaznavi
  • Justin Williams