Fraudwire: Snyder Bots, Fake Cricket, and Vicious Vapes

Friday, July 22nd 2022 | 00:50:46

Welcome to the off-season! Fraudwire is our way of giving you a little bit of Seena and Justin while we prepare for another season of deep-dives. These episodes are livestreamed weekly on Wednesdays with special guests. This week we had the father of Last Podcast Network - Henry Zebrowski on as well as stand-up comedian Gordon Baker-Bone. HERE’S the thing, if you were on the livestream you saw that Gordon’s audio was rough. We unfortunately had to edit him out of this episode because we were worried that your ears would bleed if you heard his distorted stream. We love Gordon and will definitely have him back. So please pardon us as we work out the kinks for this new live experience! 

Every week in the off-season we’ll talk about the top fraud stories on our mind right now. Enjoy!

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